Speaker Instructions

Speakers will be required to register and pay for the conference as attendees, since the fee is such a nominal charge, and there are close to 60 presenters. Thanks to all who submitted session proposals!

Speaker Resources

We need each speaker to update their profiles and session details. Please have this information updated by September 30, 2011 in order for this information to appear correctly on all marketing materials.

  1. Update your profile

    • Go to the My account page
    • Click the Update your profile link
    • Complete AT LEAST the following fields:
      • Your name
      • Where are you from?
      • Job title
      • Phone number
      • Bio
    • Click the Save button to update your profile
  2. Verify that each speaker for your session has created an account on the website.

  3. Update your session details

    • Go to the My account page
    • If you submitted the session, there will be a block at the bottom of the page titled "Submitted Session Proposlas"
    • Click the "edit" link next to the session you want to update
    • Verify that the Session Title is correct
    • Enter the website usernames for each speaker in the presenter(s) fields - enter only one username per field, and use the Add another item button if you need more fields for speaker usernames
      • PLEASE NOTE: Each speaker for your session will need to create a website account, as well as register and pay to attend the conference. Website usernames will not be able to be entered until the accounts have been created on the website.
    • Verify that the description for your session is correct
    • Enter any equipment needs you have for your session in the Equipment needs field
    • Click the Save button to save the details for your session
    • If you have additional sessions, complete the above instructions for each
  4. Verify that each speaker for your session has registered and paid to attend the conference.