Transforming Faith to Fact: Virtualization and Utility Computing - Hewlett-Packard Company, 6fusion

Michael Barker, Tom Balliet

As denizens of the realm of information technology we often hear things, and say things, about how current "virtualization" technology can usher a new era of "utility computing." Such claims are pretty much orthodox affirmation of faith these days. But getting faith to fact takes rather more than just affirmation. There are all sorts of different virtualization, of different things, at different tiers. Similarly, talk of computing as a "utility" sometimes means it – whatever it is – requires no deeper understanding than the concepts of "on" versus "off." Sometimes it means "reliable," or "invisible," or "cost-based on usage." Come hear how Hewlett-Packard and 6fusion are making it so we actually may be able to transform a leading conception of server virtualization into utility computing. Faith not required.

Join us for some great information, AND a chance to win an HP Mini 5103 with 1G of memory! All University participants in our session are eligible. 


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Vendor Presentations

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2 November 13:15 - 14:00
South Conference Room