Successes and Struggles of Implementing an Online Portfolio System

Laura DiNunzio

This presentation will look at the successes and struggles of implementing a new Online Portfolio System. At Western Carolina University we have officially been using eBriefcase, the name for our online portfolio system, for one year. This presentation will focus on what we considered to be some of the successes of implementing an online portfolio system and some of the struggles we had with implementation. The presentation will also look at what we have been doing to support students that are using the eBriefcase system, currently only a small group of programs are using the system. This discussion of support will go so far as to look at ideas for how to keep students engaged in the system outside of class. The presentation will extend to include a discussion about our plans for the coming year. We will look at how our Early Adopters, the 9 new programs that are introducing eBriefcase, are using the eBriefcase system. We will conclude the presentation by taking a look at what some of the students using eBriefcase have created, which will highlight some of the successes and struggles we have seen. There will be time at the end for discussion and for questions.


Experience level: 
Instructional Technology

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Time slot: 
2 November 13:15 - 14:00
Breakout Room - B