Spinning Straw Into Gold: Establishing a New Telecom Funding Model

Larry Conrad, Michael Barker

UNC Chapel Hill is the only UNC institution that has a 100% chargeback telecom funding model and THAT model is based solely on phone charges which only covers operations and maintenance, but no capital costs. Clearly a new model was needed. However, how do we launch a new model in these difficult economic times without ticking everyone off when we know we need an approach that generates more dollars than the old one? As impossible as that may sound, such a model has been found and we plan to implement it next fiscal year. The model is the result of a yearlong study. The new rate model differentiates "core" services from "optional" services. Our presentation will summarize both the work of the yearlong study and the new rate model itself. This is a case study of an effective IT governance process. Come hear what the new model looks like and how it came to be.


Experience level: 
Leadership and Management

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Time slot: 
2 November 15:30 - 16:15
Breakout Room - D