Providing IT Support In A Remote World

UNC Pembroke’s, Division of Information Technology, DoIT, and Duke University’s, Student Affairs IT, SA-ITS, have come together to share our approach on the direction and technologies that we are utilizing for this current economic environment, while still striving to provide excellent customer support. In the IT field, we all face the challenges of increasing productivity, improving efficiency, reducing cost if possible, and most importantly, improving customer satisfaction. Each University has their own approach to reconciling these issues. UNCP’s DoIT has adopted Real VNC and VMware View and Duke’s SA-ITS has adopted Apple Remote Desktop, ARD. DoIT is a blend of PC and Mac users making their technologies the most suitable for their environment; while SA-ITS is prominently Mac based, making ARD the better option. We will be discussing the use of these technologies in each of our environments and how this strategy has benefited us the most.


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Desktop Management

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2 November 14:15 - 15:00
Breakout Room - E