Private Cloud Provisioning with Dell VIS Service Creator - Dell

Troy Keur

Organizational best practices call for dynamic, flexible, and agile processes that can help staff respond quickly to a wide range of circumstances. The answer, for most, lies in cloud computing. Combining all server, storage, and networking resources into a unified, centrally managed pool, and provisioning those resources based on preset configuration stacks, helps maximize utilization of the cloud and ensures that every application has what it needs to perform optimally.

This session will demonstrate how an IT organization can provision its existing multivendor ecosystem in a private cloud using VIS Self-Service Creator.

All university attendees to this session will be entered into a drawing for a Dell Inspiron DUO laptop.


Experience level: 
Vendor Presentations

Schedule info

Time slot: 
2 November 09:30 - 10:15
Breakout Room - D