Power Protection as it pertains to VoIP and Critical Server Applications and the need for OnLine UPS implementation for the system - Tripp Lite

Jeff Stieman

Managers throughout UNC's network require secure, remote access to IT UPS equipment continuously, at any time of the day or night. Tripp Lite OnLine UPS Systems provide UNC managers with secure, remote access while maximizing availability, manageability, security and efficiency with Online operation.

Tripp Lite OnLine UPS’s allow one user (or multiple users) to remotely manage multiple UPS’s through use of SNMP on your network. By ensuring continuous remote access, Tripp Lite UPS’s save significant costs (payroll costs, travel costs and opportunity costs) involved with accessing UPS’s locally.

Tripp Lite SmartOnLine Rackmount/Tower UPS Systems provide reliable battery power with zero transfer time to keep networks up and running through short blackouts and allow enough time to safely shut down during longer ones. In addition, they stop damaging surges and filter disruptive line noise.

Using PowerAlert software, select models with multiple communication ports will simultaneously provide intelligent communications, shutdown commands and reporting on multiple servers - even if they are running different operating systems. Intelligent communications allow you to check UPS status9including battery charge level and runtime remaining) and AC power status as well as reboot.

Customized Load Management Banks on select models can be controlled independently through PowerAlert. Use PowerAlert to reboot locked up computer by cycling the power on and off to select receptacles on the UPS System. You can also program PowerAlert to shut down less important systems during an extended blackout, preserving battery runtime for more critical(VoIP) equipment.

SmartOnLine UPS Systems are up to 97% efficient in the economy mode, a potential increase of 10% or more versus comparable On-Line UPS systems.


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