New Trends in e-Learning: Leveraging Social Media and Collaboration to enhance the Learning experience - Alphanumeric

Steve Chase

The typical process of extending a large content library of e-learning to users has been faced with many drawbacks.  These include:

  • Content that does not match the learning requirement of the user
  • Lack of defined curricula that results in poor user adoption of the content
  • No single content provider meets the needs of every user
  • Long-term, expensive contracts that restrict flexibility
  • Lack of powerful reporting tools to monitor and manage usage
  • Single modality of learning content does not address the many ways users learn
  • Premise-based platforms are expensive to implement and maintain

Learn how new trends in e-learning allow an organization to customize content based on competency, and also leverage a cloud-based platform to monitor/manage, distribute/assign, and most importantly, report on the learning objects that are being leveraged by users (all while saving a great deal of money, and vastly improving the user experience).
In addition, see how social media and collaboration have become powerful tools to leverage, in combination with classic e-learning, to enhance the learning experience for each user and the entire organization.
Join us for some great information, AND a chance to win an HP mini 5103 netbook!  All University participants in our session are eligible.


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2 November 09:30 - 10:15
Breakout Room - C