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A New Model for Support

John Hawes

When it comes to faculty support, many institutions offer only a Tech Help Desk. Though Information Technology departments provide reliable systems, the faculty must rely on their own ability to discover how to implement available systems in already limited time. Western Carolina University's strong research support team will present ways it has brought its faculty greater access to such resources, especially Qualtrics’ online survey software, and how WCU has shared Qualtrics’ flexibility, ease, and thoroughness with its personnel. First, this presentation will show how WCU has maximized the use of Qualtrics to enable students to complete pre- and post- project evaluations in order to obtain useful and timely feedback from instructors, allowing the instructor to focus on student development rather than data processing. Second, it will show how the establishment of a Research Support position has combined resources like Qualtrics with the Boyer Model of Education and brought faculty to better understanding of their resources for better, simpler, and stronger evaluations for faculty and staff. And, finally, it will show how Institutional Effectiveness has assisted with faculty and staff in developing surveys to assess their programs and to respond to state and national data requests.


Experience level: 
Instructional Technology

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Time slot: 
2 November 14:15 - 15:00
Breakout Room - B