Monkeys, Goats and Swans (or How to Move a Mountain)

Sandie Goodwin, Jarrett Piner

In 2007 an Information Technology division reorganization at UNC Wilmington created a project management department consisting of a director and 3 staff members.  Other than being organized and knowing how to spell “project manager,” only one of the department members had career experience within the field.

Today in 2011 the IT Research, Assessment and Consulting team has additional staff and has proven to be a valuable asset to the division and the university while assisting with IT’s completion of 350+ projects this year alone. The team has developed a project management toolbox consisting of documented processes and guidelines, project form templates, and a Microsoft SharePoint project site template to facilitate project management.  

This session will cover

  1. How to get the monkeys, goats and swans to work together
  2. Our mistakes
  3. Lessons learned
  4. Processes and guidelines
  5. Forms
  6. SharePoint project template
  7. And of course, how to move the mountain!

Whether your campus is searching for a better way to manage projects or already has an active project management department, this session will open UNCW’s project management toolbox in case your hammers and wrenches aren’t quite the right size.


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Time slot: 
3 November 08:30 - 09:15
Breakout Room - F