Migrating Your Desktop Infrastructure

Mike Childers, Andrew Sanders

Over the past year, ASU has been in the process of migrating from a complete Novell infrastructure (eDirectory, ZenWorks, Novell File Services, and iPrint) to a more Microsoft-centered infrastructure (AD, SCCM, NetApp, and Windows Print Services). This, along with the move to Windows 7, constitutes a complete desktop infrastructure remodel for ASU.

ASU chose SCCM to be the center of this migration. SCCM is a cost-effective desktop management solution for Microsoft environments. With the combination of SCCM and AD Group Policies, we have been able to effectively push images, applications, software updates, and system changes with relative ease. The systems we chose all integrate well for system administration because of Group Policies. Using a system that flows together so well has made system administration much simpler.

Come listen to how ASU has begun to accomplish this daunting task, from choosing a system, to getting buy-in from the campus community, and to finally implementing the solution. ASU will do a short presentation, followed by a group discussion on what other campuses are experiencing in moving to a new desktop infrastructure.


Experience level: 
Desktop Management

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Time slot: 
1 November 16:45 - 17:30
Breakout Room - E