Making Mobile Manageable: Supporting an “Always on the Go” Campus - BOMGAR

Campuses are exploding with new mobile devices that are seemingly invented by the hour, and the strain on university IT departments is increasing as a result. While smartphones and tablets are introducing innovative ways for students to learn and faculty to collaborate, they’re also wreaking havoc on IT support departments. Mobile devices are not only changing “what” IT is required to support, but also “where” and “when” employees and customers need support.

Adapting your IT department to support this new normal requires you to not only revise your policies, but also re-examine your IT support solutions and processes. This session will explain how technology, such as remote support and chat, can enable help desks to create more real-time, collaborative support experiences to better support “always on the go” students, faculty and staff. It will also discuss how traditional support metrics, processes and skills need to evolve to handle this new support experience.


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1 November 15:45 - 16:30
Breakout Room - E