Leveraging Virtualization Technology Across Your Campus and Beyond - NWN

Clif Morgan

Education is being tasked to enhance learning through technology improvements, and with the onset of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets on campuses everywhere, Desktop and Server Virtualization have become huge topics of interest.

Is it secure?
Is it manageable?
Does it offer flexibility?

Discover the latest developments in Server and Desktop Virtualization. Learn about mobility strategies for introducing and supporting tablet and smart phones into your environment and experience an exciting demo of virtual desktop/tablet technology featuring the Cisco Cius. We’ll evaluate scale-up vs. scale-out architecture and the impact they have on TCO and ROI and assist you with the right choice for your campus.

One lucky presentation attendee will win a Kindle!


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Vendor Presentations

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1 November 15:45 - 16:30
Breakout Room - B