Lecture Capture without human Operators using Mediasite and Crestron

Ron Jailall, Ron Bradley

By the end of this session, the attendee will know what to consider when designing an automated lecture capture system interface, how to create a simplified user interface for this system, and what to tell your programmer is possible in order to create a reliable control system program. ClassTech has developed a unique touchpanel and control system application to enable the automated control of a Mediasite recorder for wide-scale deployment. In this session, the attendee will get to benefit from what we have learned about user interface best practices for an easy to use automated recording system. We will discuss decisions we made to minimize help desk calls and increase instructor satisfaction with the system. We will also demonstrate programming functions pioneered by NCSU for controlling a Mediasite recorder beyond the built-in RS232 commands that the attendee should be able to replicate at their own institution.


Experience level: 
Instructional Technology

Schedule info

Time slot: 
1 November 16:45 - 17:30
Breakout Room - B