IT Accessibility: Changes and Trends in Policy and Technology

Greg Kraus

There have been a number of significant developments in IT Accessibility over the past year, and the next year promises to hold an equal number of significant changes. For instance, from a policy perspective Section 508 is undergoing a refresh, the Office of Civil Rights has issued their "Dear Colleague" Letter regarding the use of Kindles and other technologies, and the Americans with Disabilities Act is being updated to address Web accessibility requirements for private sector entities. From a technological perspective WCAG 2.0, HTML5, and ARIA have become the new design standards for Web content, and companies like Google are receiving complaints from the National Federation of the Blind. How do we as universities move forward in this rapidly changing landscape?

This presentation will help orient you to the new and emerging issues and requirements facing campuses as we create accessible IT infrastructures. Strategies employed at NC State will be shared along with other resources.


Experience level: 
Leadership and Management

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Time slot: 
1 November 14:30 - 15:15
Breakout Room - D