The iPad as a Pedagogical Tool

Doug Edmunds

Most colleges and universities are seeing a huge increase in the number of mobile devices in use by faculty, not to mention senior administrative staff and students. The iPad has defied some skeptics' initial expectations and leaped far out ahead of all similar devices as the clear leader in tablets, at least as far as market share (still 75% as of Q2 2011). That said, how much pedagogical value does this extremely popular and game-changing device have at the higher ed level? Is it better for consuming content than creating it? How does it fit into the context of a 21st century classroom?

Doug Edmunds, Assistant Dean for IT at UNC School of Law, will discuss these topics and more during this engaging session. Edmunds has led the IT department at the law school since 2007, and he's seen faculty adoption of iPads soar in a discipline that is typically technology-adverse (or at least technology-ambivalent). But beyond legal education, Edmunds will share ideas for how the iPad can be and is being used across other disciplines. During the session, he'll also address some concerns over supporting Apple devices in general, which administrators at many Windows-centric campuses may have.


Experience level: 
Instructional Technology

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Time slot: 
1 November 14:30 - 15:15
Breakout Room - B