Form follows function: How do you train your customers?

Suzanne (Sue) Grider, John Hawes

Instructional technologists teach that the use of technology in and of itself is not enough. The technology must be used in an appropriate manner. The Learning Management System Support Team at Western Carolina University has embraced this and has restructured their training program to encompass the Seven Dimensions of Teaching and Learning (Arreola, 1995/2000) which includes content expertise, evaluation of students, classroom management, instructional design, instructional delivery, faculty/student relationships, and facilitation of student learning. The Team members approach each training session from the prospective of what of the seven dimensions needs to be accomplished before selecting the tool. This session is suitable for any IT professionals who are interested in learning some new methods of how to structure their training, workshops or one-on-one, so that the technology supports the teaching and learning aspects of the courses being taught or the work responsibilities of the institution support staff. Participants will leave with new ideas and resources of how to restructure their training for faculty and staff.


Experience level: 
Instructional Technology

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2 November 10:45 - 11:45
Breakout Room - B