Emergency Dashboard Application

Patty Stugg

This application allows one to retrieve time sensitive information relating to the possible whereabouts of individuals within the University population, which include students, faculty and staff. This application is called the Emergency Dashboard application because it is intended to be used for emergency situations for both University Police and special administration to be able to quickly determine where someone was located, or to be able to determine the potential impact of an emergency crisis. This application allows one to search by either person name, University id, or email id to determine an employees work location, or a student’s address, along with the students and/or faculty’s course schedule, what building each course is located within, who all is attending the course, and who all may be in the building at a given point in time. In addition, the application allows one to search for University people who have either a primary or secondary address located within a state, zip code, street address, or country searched. This allows one to determine if a major catastrophe happened in an area, if any of our students, faculty or staff may have been affected by the disaster.


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Business Applications

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3 November 10:45 - 11:30
Breakout Room - B