Copyright Infringement in Modern Academia

Becca Hauge, Andy Voelker

Because we have seen an increase of Copyright Infringement cases over the course of the last two years, both with students and faculty and staff, we have been looking into the causes of this increase. This presentation will show the trend of Copyright Infringement cases at Western Carolina University and how it has increased along with our need for education, especially with our international students, and action to help decrease these numbers as it pertains to the DMCA and other copyright laws. My co-worker and I will explain the educational and informational efforts we take to inform our campus community of the repercussions of such actions in an attempt to help curb Copyright Infringement and how we use those efforts as our primary tool to help deter the actions on the campus network. We will show our data trends over a specific timeframe and describe the process we go through both in IT along with our Department of Student Community Ethics that assesses associated fees on student cases along with the discussing the on-line exam that students are required to complete and our current methods for faculty and staff infringements. Once the presentation has finished, we will leave enough time to debate the topic, as there are multiple views on how to handle Copyright Infringement, with hopes to gain some quality feedback.


Experience level: 
Leadership and Management

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Time slot: 
1 November 14:30 - 15:15
Breakout Room - E