Beating Reformats to the Finish Line: Manual Fixes FTW

Brad Semma

Reformatting a machine may repair software issues with a computer, but does it fix all the problems? Manually removing malware and fixing operating system issues decreases the extra burden on the user and can be done in, relatively, the same amount of time as a reformat. Using a procedural method for removing malware and fixing operating system issues can be quick and efficient without having to force the user to reinstall software and reconfigure their machine, saving the user undo stress and work. Come see how the manual fix methods used at Western Carolina University’s Technology Commons has been not just beneficial to our clients but also assisted in the developing of skills of both student and full-time workers, while maintaining quick and efficient resolution times for our clients.


Experience level: 
Desktop Management

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Time slot: 
3 November 10:45 - 11:30
Breakout Room - E