Accepted sessions

Session Experience level Track
Drupal BOF
Nick Young, Zach Seifts, Mark Shropshire
The Drupal BOF is a chance for everyone from a Drupal newbie to a Drupal expert, and all points in between. The discussion will be started and lead by people from App State, NC State and UNC...
Beginner Productivity
EAT: “Employee Access Termination, A Whale of a Project”
Lynn Franz
WCU received an Institutional Audit comment regarding termination of access to systems.  The finding required immediate termination of access upon severance or leaving employment. A team was...
Intermediate Business Applications
Embracing the Desktop in the Data Center
Tony Copeland
This session will discuss deploying and supporting various types of desktop virtualization platforms in the data center. We will provide an overview of desktop virtualization and discuss how the...
Intermediate Infrastructure
EMC Big Data Analytics - EMC
Mike Beirne, Jon Roberts
Administration services, e-learning, research applications and unlimited Internet access have become part of today's open, accessible education environments and are a competitive advantage for many....
Beginner Vendor Presentations
Emergency Dashboard Application
Patty Stugg
This application allows one to retrieve time sensitive information relating to the possible whereabouts of individuals within the University population, which include students, faculty and staff....
Intermediate Business Applications
Form follows function: How do you train your customers?
Suzanne (Sue) Grider, John Hawes
Instructional technologists teach that the use of technology in and of itself is not enough. The technology must be used in an appropriate manner. The Learning Management System Support Team at...
Intermediate Instructional Technology
Google Tools: Cools Tips / Best Practices
Laura Ladrie
Many institutions are standardizing on Google apps for education and many individuals have been using Google for quite a while. How can we take advantage of what these tools have to offer, maximize...
Beginner Productivity
Help Desk Boot Camp
Viet Pham
This session will describe how UNCW reduced the time for a new student worker to be self-sufficient from 6 months to one month and raised the common level of knowledge for all student employees in...
Intermediate Leadership and Management
Higher Education Solutions Roadmap - Oracle
Cole Clark
Oracle Vendor Session
Beginner Vendor Presentations
HP Converged Storage Portfolio – Hewlett-Packard Company
Legacy monolithic and unified storage architectures were designed to address predictable workloads, structured data and dedicated access – before the explosive growth of web browsers and smartphones...
Beginner Vendor Presentations
HP Personal Systems Group (PSG) - Hewlett-Packard Company
Todd Awtry
The evolutional transformation of technology is making its mark in education, but are your faculty and administration ready to embrace this change? What is the future of computing devices in the...
Beginner Vendor Presentations
Information Security Incident Management
Kevin Lanning, Benjamin Bressman, Johnny Nipper
We hear and read about information security incidents in the news every day. What are the information security threats facing higher education? This presentation explores one approach to information...
Beginner Security and Compliance
Information Technology Governance: Collaborative efforts of the UNC-CIO Counsel
John Leydon, Bob Orr, Marc Hoit, Lisa Smith, Anthony Adade
This panel discussion will share information on the work of the UNC-CIO Council. This Council is the information technology collaborative governance organization for the University of North Carolina...
Beginner Leadership and Management
IT Accessibility: Changes and Trends in Policy and Technology
Greg Kraus
There have been a number of significant developments in IT Accessibility over the past year, and the next year promises to hold an equal number of significant changes. For instance, from a policy...
Beginner Leadership and Management
Laying Down the Law: Developing Social Media Policy for Campus
Leslie Dare, Jennifer Riehle
So we all know social media isn't going away anytime soon and it's becoming abundantly clear that colleges and universities are increasingly expected to use these tools. How can we make that happen...
Intermediate Social Media and Emerging Technologies
Lecture Capture without human Operators using Mediasite and Crestron
Ron Jailall, Ron Bradley
By the end of this session, the attendee will know what to consider when designing an automated lecture capture system interface, how to create a simplified user interface for this system, and what...
Intermediate Instructional Technology
Leveraging Virtualization Technology Across Your Campus and Beyond - NWN
Clif Morgan
Education is being tasked to enhance learning through technology improvements, and with the onset of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets on campuses everywhere, Desktop and Server...
Beginner Vendor Presentations
Make Your Git Fiddle
Zach Seifts
Do you use Git? Do you also play the fiddle? Then head to this session to learn all about merging the talents of playing the fiddle with the wonders of Git. This presentation will cover: Managing...
Advanced Productivity
Making Mobile Manageable: Supporting an “Always on the Go” Campus - BOMGAR
Campuses are exploding with new mobile devices that are seemingly invented by the hour, and the strain on university IT departments is increasing as a result. While smartphones and tablets are...
Beginner Vendor Presentations
Manage your workshops with Porkchop
Lacey Vickery, Fred Woolard
A scheduling application (code name Porkchop) was developed by Appalachian State to manage workshop schedules and registration across campus. This session will be a product demo highlighting the main...
Beginner Instructional Technology
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