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Make Your Git Fiddle
Zach Seifts
Do you use Git? Do you also play the fiddle? Then head to this session to learn all about merging the talents of playing the fiddle with the wonders of Git. This presentation will cover: Managing...
Advanced Productivity
Online Change of Major Application
Sandie Goodwin, Patty Stugg
Declaration/Change of major is a web interface application that allows the student to change their curriculum online. The previous process was all done in paper format. The application was developed...
Advanced Business Applications
Securing Your Network Utilizing 802.1x and Network Access Protection
Joff Thyer, Jeff Whitworth
Come see how UNCG designed and implemented a client computing environment using Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP) to help ensure client device compliance. A deep dive of the network...
Advanced Infrastructure
Beating Reformats to the Finish Line: Manual Fixes FTW
Brad Semma
Reformatting a machine may repair software issues with a computer, but does it fix all the problems? Manually removing malware and fixing operating system issues decreases the extra burden on the...
Advanced Desktop Management
BanDADE - Banner Data Active Directory Extensions
Justin Cervero
Creating a more robust and near real-time link between Banner and the Active Directory User objects via LDI Messaging and AD schema modification. This session will explore some techniques ASU has...
Advanced Infrastructure
Manage your workshops with Porkchop
Lacey Vickery, Fred Woolard
A scheduling application (code name Porkchop) was developed by Appalachian State to manage workshop schedules and registration across campus. This session will be a product demo highlighting the main...
Beginner Instructional Technology
Déjà Vu All Over Again: Bringing Students Back Into the Help Desk
Christopher King, Franklin Finch
In the early days of the NC State Help Desk, back when it was primarily for academic support, we were heavily staffed with student workers. With reorgs and security changes, necessity led us to hire...
Beginner Leadership and Management
The iPad as a Pedagogical Tool
Doug Edmunds
Most colleges and universities are seeing a huge increase in the number of mobile devices in use by faculty, not to mention senior administrative staff and students. The iPad has defied some skeptics...
Beginner Instructional Technology
15k users, BSD and some commodity hardware - let's NAT!
Kevin Wilcox
The NATYosef project went live in summer 2011. Our goal: to NAT and firewall fifteen thousand students on commodity hardware. This will cover the evolution of the Appalachian State network, the...
Beginner Infrastructure
Drupal BOF
Nick Young, Zach Seifts, Mark Shropshire
The Drupal BOF is a chance for everyone from a Drupal newbie to a Drupal expert, and all points in between. The discussion will be started and lead by people from App State, NC State and UNC...
Beginner Productivity
Banner Custom Secure Self Service Random PIN Distribution
Moreland Smith
In response to client demand, ITS has created a mechanism based on the Banner Self Service Framework to allow Students and Employees to request new randomized PINS via the Web. For persons with an...
Beginner Business Applications
The UNC System Security Framework
Chuck Curry, Margaret Umphrey, Paul Hudy
The UNC CIOs charged the UNC Security Council to come up with a security framework that could be implemented on each UNC campus and provide a common measurement baseline. The Security Council has...
Beginner Security and Compliance
IT Accessibility: Changes and Trends in Policy and Technology
Greg Kraus
There have been a number of significant developments in IT Accessibility over the past year, and the next year promises to hold an equal number of significant changes. For instance, from a policy...
Beginner Leadership and Management
Google Tools: Cools Tips / Best Practices
Laura Ladrie
Many institutions are standardizing on Google apps for education and many individuals have been using Google for quite a while. How can we take advantage of what these tools have to offer, maximize...
Beginner Productivity
Technology Funding Out of End of Year Funds: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
William Frady
Discussion Session or Round Table Discussion
Beginner Instructional Technology
Using QR Codes in the Classroom and Beyond
Bethany Smith
QR Codes are everywhere, on products, at museums, and even on people! But how can you use them at your institution? QR Codes are great ways to get more information to your users, they can be used to...
Beginner Social Media and Emerging Technologies
Information Security Incident Management
Kevin Lanning, Benjamin Bressman, Johnny Nipper
We hear and read about information security incidents in the news every day. What are the information security threats facing higher education? This presentation explores one approach to information...
Beginner Security and Compliance
Information Technology Governance: Collaborative efforts of the UNC-CIO Counsel
John Leydon, Bob Orr, Marc Hoit, Lisa Smith, Anthony Adade
This panel discussion will share information on the work of the UNC-CIO Council. This Council is the information technology collaborative governance organization for the University of North Carolina...
Beginner Leadership and Management
Career Banding
Pam Bowling, Don Nattress
This session is presented by OSP and will be an open session offering an opportunity to provide feedback on how Career-banding is working. Budget cuts have had a big impact on the Career-banding...
Beginner Leadership and Management
Copyright Infringement in Modern Academia
Becca Hauge, Andy Voelker
Because we have seen an increase of Copyright Infringement cases over the course of the last two years, both with students and faculty and staff, we have been looking into the causes of this increase...
Beginner Leadership and Management
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