2011 UNC Cause Steering Committee

  • Tom Van Gilder - Conference chair
  • Susan Klein - UNC Cause president
  • Wayne Fee – Vendor co-chair
  • Pamela Graham – Giveaways & Drawing chair
  • Martin Jackson – Networking co-chair
  • Greg James – Networking co-chair
  • Michelle Melton - Program & Publications chair
  • Martin Moore – Vendor co-chair
  • Garry Powell – AV & Classroom Summit chair
  • Amy Sanders – Registration chair
  • Zach Seifts – Marketing & Web chair
  • Kevin Snook - Social & Entertainment co-chair
  • Miranda Warren – Logistics chair

Thanks to everyone listed above for their great work in bringing you an outstanding conference.  We wish to also thank Mike Waters, Mark Shropshire, Shandon Bates, William Frady, Lavonne Gray, Constance Mallettee, Lisa Smith, Vickie Berry, Andy Voelker, Dawn Brown, and Sue Grider for their work at the UNC CAUSE conference.

Special thanks to Michelle Melton and Zach Seifts for their tireless work with re-vamping the UNC Cause conference website, which was truly the best tool to pulling this conference together.

Additional special thanks to Martin Jackson and Greg James and the folks from Time Warner Cable and their work to beef up the networking infrastructure at the Benton Convention Center.

It takes a lot of work to put on this conference and many people from the participating schools helped to bring you UNC CAUSE 2011.  Please know that if you helped, and your name isn't listed here, your service is truly appreciated.